The project of the 8th stage of “Tavrida” passed Glavgosexpertiza

The sections on engineering protection of the designing estimates documentation for the construction of the Sevastopol stage of the Tavrida highway were developed by GEOIZOL Project.

The project “Construction and reconstruction of the Kerch-Feodosia-Belogorsk-Simferopol-Bakhchisarai-Sevastopol highway, km 269 + 300 to the Yalta-Sevastopol highway, stage 8” received a positive conclusion from the Glavgosexpertiza of Russia.

The total length of the reconstructed section is 6.25 km. To straighten and expand it, the road workers will have to carry out a large amount of earthwork – to cut the soil in the excavation and fill in the embankments. Considering the complex geology and seismic activity in the construction area, it was necessary to provide measures for engineering protection of the territory at four sections of the renovated road.

Two pile retaining walls with a length of almost 550 meters were designed when straightening the route in the area of the settlement Saharnaya golovka  (PK 20 – PK 25). Opposite each other, they hold the cut slopes.

The walls are formed by bored piles with a diameter of 1000 mm and a length of 15 meters, located with a pitch of 1.5 to 3 meters. To prevent groundwater infiltration, a 400 mm thick reinforced concrete pressure wall is installed through the piles. The stability of the structure is ensured by the GEOIZOL-MP ground anchors. Ground anchors are also used to provide anti-landslide protection of slopes – the project provides for the installation of an anchor field in combination with a 2D-Geo cover system.

The Gabion retaining wall 3 meters high and 160 meters long in the second section is designed to ensure the stability of the embankment (PK 42 – PK 43), which the road workers will fill when expanding the route on the approach to the overpass through Neftyanaya Street.

Another wall of gabions is provided on the third section, on the other side of the street. Curved in plan, it is designed to hold the right side of a light embankment (PK 46 – PK 48), which will replace the existing soil bed between the overpass and the bridge over the Chernaya River.

To ensure the overall stability of a light embankment with a length of 220 meters, folded with blocks of polystyrene foam, soft soils at its base are fixed on both sides by jet cementation using the Jet Grouting technology. Anti-landslide protection of the slope is provided by the constructing of anchor pressure plates using the geotechnical system GEOIZOL-MP.

The last section of the engineering protection is located at the exit from the «Yaltinskoe koltso» traffic intersection towards Sevastopol (PK 2 – PK 3). Another pile retaining wall is necessary to ensure the stability of the existing building when constructing a water-diversion ditch, taking into account the karst hazard. The structure is formed by bored piles with a diameter of 620 mm and a length of 5 meters, arranged with a pitch of 1.1 meters. Through the retaining wall, a pressure wall with a thickness of 250 mm is made to prevent infiltration of groundwater.

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