Sheet pile screen of the excavation pit. Residential estate “Life Primorskiy” (first stage development).
St. Petersburg, Primorskiy Avenue, 52, lit. D.

Premium residential estate “Life Primorskiy (first stage development) is a complex of 4 apartment buildings, 10-12 floors each, a nursery school, and a single-floor underground parking. 

GEOIZOL Project structural engineers designed the project of retaining walls using Larssen sheet piling (and then removing it) and semicircular sheet piling. Our specialists have applied the “island” (benching) method of developing a pit with ground benching and strut anchorages made of steel pipes resting on the foundation plate in the areas where peaty soils are located (areas with a Larsen sheet). The semicircular sheet piling is designed to be extracted; the Larsen sheet piling (the main part) is used without extraction. 

At the same time, the sheet pile screen served as a groundwater cutoff. It prevented the excavation pit from flooding during foundation construction works. 

The construction was complicated by areas of peaty soilshigh groundwater on 0.6 – 2.0 m depth level as well as the presence in 30 m area of the following: 

  • buildings situated at Primorskiy Avenue, 52, korp. 2, lit. D. and Primorskiy Avenue, 52, lit. T; 
  • a detected cultural heritage site “Petrovskiy yacht club” (the Altufiev’s summer house in 19 century) situated at the address Primorskiy Avenue, 50, lit. A; 
  • earthworks of the early 19 century (reconstructed in the late 19 century). 

During the construction of the underground part of the site, the following issues had to be solved: 

  • avoid exceeding the estimated yielding values of surrounding buildings; 
  • prevent the pit from flooding. 

Project profile: 

  • excavationpit gross area: 21 000 m2; 
  • excavationpit depth:down to 4,1 m; 
  • Larssensheet piling length:180,8 m; 
  • semicircularsheet piling length: 395,0m; 
  • sheetpiling immersion depth:11,2 m. 

Customer: Real estate agency “Pioneer” 

Developer: Group of companies “Pioneer” 

General Designer: “ Tsitsin’s Architecture workshop” 

Implementation: 2013-2016. 

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