Engineering investigations

Multipurpose engineering investigations for designing and construction represent a compulsory stage of urban planning and secure studying the environment conditions of the construction site.

Engineering investigations data serve as basis for:

  • making the decision on technologies and materials to be used;
  • developing space planning solutions;
  • object exterior;
  • location of the object;
  • carrying out measures preventing hazardous soil processes.

Types of engineering investigations:

  • geological;
  • land-surveying;
  • ecological;
  • hydro meteorological;
  • geotechnical;
  • special.

An integrated approach to carrying out engineering investigations allows to receive a general concept of the construction site, as follows:

  • characteristics and soil formations in the ground base where the construction is planned;
  • ground waters and their types;
  • the impact of nearby water bodies;
  • the climate pattern in the area of construction;
  • the impact of ground conditions on the materials of construction structures and communication networks;
  • seismic activity.

The quality of investigations is of primary importance at all stages of object life cycle. Depending on individual peculiarities of the building or facility the engineering investigation set may include different combinations specified above.

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