Avalanche protection

Avalanche protection is a set of measures aimed at retaining hazardous snow mass, counteracting avalanche and controlling its travel and direction.

The choice and designing of the optimum measures for snow slide prevention or avalanche protection depend on the landscape and type of avalanches typical for the region.

Features of avalanche protection systems design

Developing the avalanche protection design requires the following:

  • metrological observations data;
  • data on the area geological conditions;
  • hydrogeological features of the site.

Avalanche protection structures

Snow barriers

Snow barriers prevent snow mass from initial motion. For this purpose firm and flexible obstructions (fences, bridges, umbrellas, nets) with Gazex type systems are installed perpendicular to the slope in the area of avalanches formation. Also Gazex type systems prevent snow from piling. The main task of designing such structures is to retain snow masses on the slope and prevent avalanche motion.

Massive avalanche-breakers

Massive avalanche-breakers save facilities from the snow masses direct influence. Solid construction provides reliability during avalanche collapse. Truncated cone-shaped avalanche-breaker leads the moving snow mass smoothly off the protected object.

Galleries, sheds, bridges

They protect facilities against avalanche influence by changing snow mass path, break it or allow taking the construction objects out of avalanche influence area.

Snow blowing structures

Snow blowing structures guide air flows and prevent snow cornice in the areas of avalanche formation.

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