Ground protection against minor floodings

When spring comes, flooding of territories, including villages, infrastructure facilities, and industrial enterprises, become more frequent. There are such situations when minor flooding takes a serious turn and the elimination of negative consequences is carried out as an emergency case. However, it is possible to avoid damage in an emergency in advance by performing ground protection against minor flooding. 

Ground protection can be performed for existing objects as well as for objects under construction.  

Types of sites that require ground protection against minor flooding: 

  • sites located in the areas of negative impact of seasonal or emergency water rise in reservoirs, rivers overflow; 
  • sitesthat require lowering (temporary or permanent) groundwater or protection against groundwater rise; 
  • sitesthat are negatively affected by surface rainwater, snowmelt water, or process water discharge. 

These sites may include single structures, residential areas, territories, and individual units of enterprises, roads, railways, road and engineering infrastructure, utility networks. 

GEOIZOL Project a set of solutions for ground protection against minor flooding such as: 

  •  changing the design elevations of areas; 
  •  construction of protection dikes; 
  •  water disposal solutions; 
  •  protection against soil waterlogging (drainage systems); 
  •  exclusion of development of slope processes in case of ground flooding. 

Steps of designing measures of ground protection against minor flooding: 

  • carrying outengineering investigation to determinethe hydrogeological conditions of the site; 
  • design;
  • providing quality control of construction (construction designsupervision). 

When designing ground protection, it is important to take into consideration the features of adjacent territories and structures, to avoid negative impact related to changes in hydrogeological conditions or flow parameters, water flow movement as a result of the operation of ground protection facilities. 

Technologies implemented at construction of ground protection units: 

  • soil reinforcement and protection against erosion, including river bed deformations; 
  • linear and planar drains, vertical geodrainsactive dewatering units. 
  • crushed stone or sand piles; 
  • water-tight barriers, including sheet pile walls; 
  • using drainage materials in guard structures and layouts, etc. 
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