Protection against mudslide. The Alpika-Service Mountain resort.
The GazpromMountain and touristic center.
Krasnaya Polyana vil., Sochi.

The Alpika-Service Mountain resort is the first resort of Krasnaya Polyana. In the 70s of the last century, a branch of the educational and sports base was built here to train masters of skiing.

Nowadays Alpika-Service is a part of the Gazprom Mountain and Touristic center. The creation of a world-class ski resort required a large-scale reconstruction of all existing infrastructure and development of the complex with reference to modern requirements for safety and comfort.

The resort is located on the Northern slope of the Aibga range. The absolute elevation of the area is 550-2230 m above sea level. The terrain is mountainous and rocky, slope angles are 5-75 degree.

The territory of the Alpika-Service Mountain resort and infrastructure facilities is affected by mudflows.

GEOIZOL Project specialists developed a project for complex protection of the mountain resort against mudslides as follows:

  • the construction of two mudslide conduit structures on the Rzhanoy and Shchumikhinsky streams;
  • the installation of a cascade of three mudslide barriers on the Sulimovsky stream;
  • measures for eliminating mudslide formation factors.

Mudslide conduit structures were used to protect against mudflows of large volumes in streambeds (up to 37.5 thousand cubic meters) as well as to ensure grades of the designed slopes of ski trails without increasing their complexity.

The construction of mudslide conduit structures was being performed during the active phase of construction on the site. The movement of equipment along the ski slopes, which were the only way to deliver materials and equipment for construction, did not stop. That created difficulties in the construction of mudslide conduit structures.

The cascade of mudslide barriers was used to hold the mudflow of a relatively small volume (up to 8 thousand cubic meters) in the place of its formation and prevent the development of mudflow erosion of the stream sides below the location of the barriers.

The installation of mud retaining barriers allowed providing the protection of facilities located lower down the streambed (ski trails, residential buildings, and cultural facilities).

The following works were carried out on the entire site to organize a water drainage system, stabilize the beds of streams, protection against erosion, and stabilize landslide hazardous soil masses.

The measures taken have significantly reduced mudslides risk on the construction sites and eliminated a large number of mudslide clusters located within the construction site.

Customer:  Gazprom sotsinvest Ltd

General Designer: Rosengineering project LLC

Designer: GEOIZOL Project Ltd

Implementation year: 2017 – 2019.

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