We create conditions for the safe stay of people and the operation of facilities in any territory
Engineering protection projects
against destructive natural processes
We use cutting-edge solutions with the use of injection piles, ground anchors and dowel pins in our projects
Multifunctional geotechnical
We design the reinforcement of bases, reducing the cost and time of construction
Modification of the soil
with the use of crushed stone piles
We develop and implement engineering solutions for non-standard tasks
in design
Advanced technologies
We have experience in restoration, reconstruction and engineering protection
cultural heritage sites
Preservation of
We ensure the reliability of structures with minimal impact on natural landscapes and processes
technical solutions
Eco-friendly and efficient

Desigh and site investigation

Ground improvement by means of vibro stone columns

An innovation among base ground improvement technologies.


Prevents development of natural hazards such as landslides, rockslides, mud flow, snow slides, coastal and soil erosion.

Geotechnical calculations

Geotechnical calculations allow choosing efficient construction solution taking into consideration combination of factors…


Project documentation for construction of substructures of buildings and facilities is of fundamental importance in ensuring reliability in operation and long-lasting…

Geotechnical monitoring

Geotechnical monitoring helps safeguard the construction and exploitation of the objects as well as prevent natural and industrial disasters.

Restoration and reconstruction of cultural heritage sites

Reconstructing the historical look of cultural heritage sites and adapting them to the usage in modern…

Engineering investigation

Engineering investigation is carried out to justify the structural concepts of construction projects (buildings and facilities superstructures and substructures).



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