Landslide protection

Landslide protection is a set of measures aimed at slope stabilization and prevention of landslide and landslip hazards.

Types of complex landslide ground protection:

  • with no changes in the terrain;
  • with changes in the terrain.

The choice of landslide and landslip ground protection options is based on the efficiency and reliability of the measures under design.

The set of measures on landslide and landslip protection with no changes in the terrain is applied for temporary or permanent retaining of insecure soil of slopes, sides and cavities.

In these cases for the stabilization of a landslide hazardous slope we:

  • install dowel pins systems to the soil body;
  • install a special cover on the terrain surface which protects the slope against fall-outs and soil erosion between the dowel pins (extra strong steel net, anchor plates or shotcrete).

The set of measures on landslide and landslip protection with changes in the terrainis applied during the construction of embankments and cutting of soil mass with the help of supporting walls as well as reinforced and gabion systems. To install supporting walls we use:

  • secant bored piles or tangent piles;
  • angle reinforced concrete walls on spread (pile) or artificial foundation, anchored or unanchored;
  • metal sheetpile walls.

All variants of landslide protection use the multifunctional GEOIZOL-MP system as anchorage or nail mount. The system transmits lateral load to the deep soil levels outside the wedge of failure.

Features of the design of landslide and landslip protection

Designing of the landslide protection structures is held considering:

  • the scale of deformation of soil mass and its origin;
  • geological structure of the area;
  • soil properties including leak-off capacity;
  • hydrometer conditions;
  • seismic activity.

Designing of the landslide and landslip measures in cross-country areas generally includes:

  • construction of culverts. They ensure surface streams to flow freely through the supporting walls frameworks and other construction objects under landslide protection;
  • diverting ground water by means of different types of drainage systems. Draining allows levelling down the ground water to prevent its negative impact on the objects constructed earlier. It also allows draining the landslide body thereby increasing its stability.
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