The section of the Tskhneti – Samadlo Tskhneti – Akhaldaba highway near Tbilisi (Georgia) is opened for traffic

GEOIZOL Group of Companies performed engineering protection of the territory of the highway destroyed in 2015 after a mudslide.

Construction documentation was executed by the specialists of GEOIZOL Project.

The works were commissioned by the Municipal Development Fund of Georgia, and the leading partner of GEOIZOL was the Georgian company Caucasus Road Project Ltd.

GEOIZOL specialists performed the construction of 1863 GEOIZOL-MP ground anchors (manufactured at the Pushkin machine–building plant) on two sections that are located above and below the slope of the highway. The 300 mm section was reinforced with 732 anchors, and the 600-meter section was reinforced with 1,130 anchors. The total volume of anchors was 12,300 r. m.

Also, the project stipulates the construction of a concrete base of the route, fixed with ground anchors, new road surfacing, and installation of rockfall barriers in the upper part of the slope.

Currently, GEOIZOL Project is developing an additional project for securing potentially dangerous sections of the soil body along the edge of the landslide on the highway.

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