Tskneti – Samadlo Roadway, Georgia
Ground protection

In 2015, 10 km southwest of Tbilisi, a landslide resulted into the collapse of the road body (Tskneti – Samadlo Roadway) on the areas 340 and 35 m long.

The specialists had a task to develop the complex project solutions on ground protection on the parts of the roadway under reconstruction.

The problem solution required:

  • flattening the slope upper part and extraction of the landslide debris;
  • fastening the eroding edge of the rock mass by means of nails and installation of the rope cover system;
  • installation of flexible rockfall barriers above the protected area.

The project documentation included the following:

  • inspection of the destroyed road sections;
  • engineering and geotechnical research;
  • modeling the latent processes which can develop after a landslide;
  • complex ground protection project for the reconstruction and improvement of the destroyed road sections;
  • the project on landslide hazard slopes strengthening;
  • the project on the additional nail strengthening of landslide hazard areas located above the curb level.

In course of construction the following solutions were implemented:

  • nail strengthening of the soil mass under the concrete groundwork foundation and higher (to prevent its further displacement);
  • construction of the concrete foundation based on GEOIZOL-MP root piles;
  • assembling the reinforced earth embankment with front precast concrete units;
  • nail strengthening of landslide hazard areas located above the curb level using the 2D-Geo system.


Implementation: 2016-2018.

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