Sports and Training Complex
“Winter Sports Academy”, Krasnoyarsk,
Construction of an artificial lake

The artificial lake is a part of the complex of technological solutions for snow production at ski resort. The reason for the construction was the absence of sources of water with the sufficient discharge in the area.

The specialists were developing the project and construction documentation for the artificial water storage receiving water from creeks. The project was developed considering the requirements on the extension of the natural lake. The specialists had to match the landscape as well.

The project consisted of 3 parts:

  • the artificial lake basin;
  • the water outlet structure;
  • the waste canal.

Within the project, the following activities were carried out:

  • checking the lake banks and adjoining slopes for stability;
  • extension and deepening of the existing lake;
  • lake bedding works aiming at the elimination of ground water pressure on the waterproofing layer;
  • assembling the impervious blanket (basin bed waterproofing);
  • installing the bottom drainage around the lake;
  • banks protection using the gabion mattress-type units;
  • construction of the water outlet structure;
  • erosion protection (laying the geocomposite materials onto the excavation slopes and fills).

The object key characteristics are:

  • estimated depth is 3 m;
  • volume is 10 000 m3;
  • dimensions are 104,8 x 71,1 m.

Customer: MKU “Capital construction management”

General Designer: “Rosengineering Project” LLC

Implementation: 2015 – 2017

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