GEOIZOL expertise is in demand at building roads in the conditions of weak soils in the Arkhangelsk region

Ivan Bogdanov, Chief Designer of GEOIZOL Project (part of the GEOIZOL Group of Companies), took part in a video conference on the problems of stabilizing the base of the roadbed of the Arkhangelsk region in weak soils condition. The event was organized by the St. Petersburg Committee for Arctic Affairs. 

One of the topics that Ivan Bogdanov touched on during his report is engineering protection of the territory along highways. 

According to GEOIZOL Project Chief Designer, to ensure the overall stability of embankments along the roads and the normal functioning of the roadbed in conditions of weak soils, dowel mount is ideal. It consists of a system of ground anchors and a protective slope covering, which is made of extra-strong steel or standard metal mesh reinforced with a steel rope. 

GEOIZOL Group of Companies uses its own development, GEOIZOL-MP geotechnical system, as ground anchors at construction of dowel mount. It is manufactured at the Pushkin machine-building plant (part of GEOIZOL Group of Companies). “Due to the reinforcement of the embankment, the slope stability parameters increase, and extra-strong steel mesh fixed by anchors prevents weathering and displacement of the embankment,” commented Ivan Bogdanov. 

The Chief Designer also spoke about strengthening the base using the technology of vertical reinforcement with columns made of sand or crushed stones. This method allows significantly speeding up works on weak soil and improving its characteristics. The advantages of using crushed stone piles: there is no need to construct a pit; a significant increase of bearing capacity of the base; usage of eco-friendly natural materials (sand, crushed stone, gravel); a multiple reduction of deformation and reduced stabilization time; low cost compared to similar methods. 

Ivan Bogdanov said that vertical reinforcement with columns of sand or crushed stone has shown good results during strengthening the foundation soil at various sites in several regions across Russia. For example, GEOIZOL specialists used this technology to strengthen the embankment at the approaches to the Crimean bridge, the foundation of the M-11 Moscow – Saint Petersburg highway and the A-121 Sortavala Federal highway, etc. “I am sure that the experience of GEOIZOL will help our colleagues from Arkhangelsk region to solve the problems of building and maintaining infrastructure facilities on weak soil,” Ivan Bogdanov summed up. 

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