Ivan Bogdanov presented solutions for engineering protection of cultural heritage sites

Historical buildings need special protection, especially if they are located on weak foundations that are
subject to destruction. To solve the problem of landslides and other negative phenomena, and preserve
the original appearance of the cultural heritage sites, you can use advanced technologies. Ivan
Bogdanov, the chief designer of GEOIZOL Project, spoke about these methods.

Ivan Bogdanov introduced the features of engineering protection of cultural heritage sites to the
participants of the III International scientific and practical conference “Engineering protection of
territories, buildings and structures” which was held in St. Petersburg from October 14 to 15, 2020 The
General sponsor of the event was the GEOIZOL Group of companies.
Classical methods, such as the construction of retaining walls, are not applicable when working with
cultural heritage sites, as they can disrupt the historical terrain. Over the years, GEOIZOL Group
specialists have provided engineering protection for a significant number of architectural ensembles.
The accumulated knowledge allows engineers to choose an optimal design and technological solutions
and work with pinpoint precision.
Dowel fastening of slopes using the multifunctional GEOIZOL-MP system is among these technologies. In
particular, it has proved very useful in the strengthening of landslide hazard slopes on the Olympic sites
located on the territory of nature parks.
You can find the full text of the report here.
Julia Akulova, Geoizol Project design engineer, made the second report from the GEOIZOL Group of
companies. The topic was “A foundation improved by crushed stone piles is an alternative to classic pile
She gave a brief description of the technology of performing soil modification using the so-called
crushed stone piles, and also named sites where this method was successfully implemented.
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