Congratulations to Vyacheslav Smolenkov on his anniversary!

General Director of “GEOIZOL Project” Vyacheslav Smolenkov celebrated his 60th anniversary

Vyacheslav Smolenkov during a business trip to Svalbard (Norway), where in the city of Barentsburg the GEOIZOL Group of Companies performed a comprehensive reconstruction of engineering networks.

Vyacheslav Yurievich, we sincerely congratulate you on your anniversary !!!

You are not just the General Director of the company – you are our ideological inspirer who energizes and stimulates us to move forward!

As an experienced engineer, you are deeply immersed in work processes, which allows you to  determine the path of strategic development of the company correctly. Under your influence, we master the best world practices, develop new directions and remain at the forefront of technological progress.

Your active life position, energy and involvement help the business to develop steadily.

We wish you good health,to remain full of strength and energy, and to conquer new peaks !!!

Sincerely yours, the team of the company “GEOIZOL Project”

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