Anniversary of MGTS GEOIZOL-MP

On September 25, 2012, at the Pushkin Machine-Building Plant (part of the GEOIZOL Group of Companies), the first Russian powerful anchor, GEOIZOL-MP 105/52, was made. Appreciating the quality and capabilities of foreign anchor systems, the specialists of the GEOIZOL Group of Companies decided to create their own analogue. The development of the multifunctional geotechnical system (MGTS) GEOIZOL-MP took almost three years.

During this time, the necessary production equipment was created (including unique rolling mills), the technological process was debugged, the optimal steel grade was selected, all the required technical documentation was prepared from scratch. The efforts made have brought worthy results – Russian engineers managed to surpass their German colleagues. Own production technology, the use of steel grade 40X and other know-how increase the mechanical properties of MGTS by 35-40% compared to European prototypes.

For 10 years, Pushkin Machine-Building Plant has produced about 10.5 million linear meters of hollow screw rods. The range of MGTS also includes the production of drill bits for various purposes, couplings, centralizers and fasteners. The products are widely used in all regions of Russia, and are also in demand abroad. We wrote earlier about the full localization in Russia of everything necessary for the implementation of engineering protection of the territory.

GEOIZOL Project engineers use GEOIZOL-MP to solve a wide range of technical problems – in projects of engineering protection of the territory, when creating new and strengthening existing foundations, etc.

Read more in the article by I.S. Bogdanov and P.A. Alexandrova “Experience and features of the application of the multifunctional geotechnical system (MGTS) GEOIZOL-MP”.
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