The base was reinforced on the R-23 highway

Construction of 512 “vibration-soil piles” which are made of sand and gravel mix has been completed.

On the federal highway R-23 St. Petersburg – Pskov in the area of the settlement Pustoshka, work was completed to strengthen the base of the embankment by reinforcing with poles of sand and gravel mix (SGM). The work was carried out by UM Geoizol within the framework of the major overhaul of the section km 468 – km 481. GEOIZOL Project performed the main geotechnical calculations as part of the design of the facility.

The builders constructed the field of 512 poles of sand and gravel mix with a length of 4 to 19 meters, united at the top with a flexible grillage of crushed stone and geotextile. The chosen method of deep vibrocompaction with the arrangement of vertical poles made of inert materials became the most rational solution for passing a 140 m long section with the inclusion of peat layers, the thickness of which exceeded 10 meters.

The work performed made it possible to eliminate the subsidence properties of the foundation soils, to increase their strength and deformation characteristics. Read more about the applied soil modification technology in the section “Crushed stone piles”.

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