Rockfall protection barriers

Flexible rockfall barrier system is a modern technology for protection against rockfalls in upland areas.

The concept of rockfall barriers is based on the ability to absorb rockfall shock energy.

Rock mass breaking off a cliff, falling down from a decent height or moving down a long slope gain a significant speed. The barrier in operation can absorb the movement energy up to 8000 kJ.

Rockfall protection barriers reach up to 8 m in height and can act as an addition to existing rockfall protection or a complete substitution.


  • high-strength chained net;
  • load bearing and shock elements;
  • metal supports;
  • additional structures providing fastening of the barrier to the slope.

Advantages of flexible rockfall protection barriers:

  • relatively small weight;
  • short time for installation;
  • suit the landscape perfectly, preserving its initial appearance;
  • economically sound method compared to constructing the reinforced galleries;
  • possibility to install in the areas with topology too complex for construction of major protection objects.
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