New promenade opened in Svetlogorsk

By the beginning of the resort season in Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad region, a significant object for the city was opened. Ant that is a promenade on the embankment along the Baltic Sea. 

The General contractor and designer of the promenade is GEOIZOL Company (St. Petersburg) 

GEOIZOL Project specialists performed the construction documentation for the section between the Zodiac Mosaic Sun-clock and Baltiyskaya street. 

The 1.247 km long promenade follows the entire coastline of the sea. The designers preserved the natural landscape of the existing slopes, ensuring minimal impact on nature. The waves shaped facade is made of monolithic reinforced concrete. 

Residents and guests of Svetlogorsk have already been able to appreciate the new promenade. Now they can have a walk and enjoy the sea views. For bike enthusiasts, there is a bike track and bike parking. 

The surface of the promenade is made of two kinds of materials: larch flooring is combined with clinker bricks, granite tiles, and paving stones. 

Benches, led lights, and information boards are installed along the boardwalk. There is a passage for special vehicles. 

It is to be recalled that the construction of the promenade in Svetlogorsk was carried out as part of the development of the Raushen tourist cluster. This significant landmark will increase the tourist value of the resort on the Baltic coast. 

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