Online geotechnical monitoring

During the construction of the Grand House residential complex underground cycle in the historical center of St. Petersburg (Telezhnaya street), specialists of GEOIZOL Project company together with  GPIKO company organized online geotechnical monitoring of the construction site. 

Key tasks to be solved at this site are: 

  • to minimize the impact of excavation work on buildings in the 30-meter zone of the surrounding development; 
  • to ensure the safety of builders working in the area adjacent to the existing building, which was recognized as distressed before the start of work and could not be repaired. 

The main task of geotechnical monitoring at this site is to monitor the behavior of structures of the distressed building, timely detection of deviations of parameters under control, and online analysis of the danger degree of detected deviations. In case of maximum permissible values of movement and deformation of structural elements of buildings, notification of all responsible persons via text messages was provided. For the timely evacuation of people in the event of an emergency, notification system (siren) was arranged. 

Before, online geotechnical monitoring was used at unique and challenging sites only. With technology development, its price reduced significantly. And now it can be used for any type buildings. 

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