Reconstruction project for Building 17 of the Southern protection wall in Kronshtadt received a positive review of the State Expertise Agency.

The State expertize of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation gave positive review of the design documentation Reconstruction of Building 17 of the Southern protection wall in Kronshtadt. 

GEOIZOL Project (a part of GEOIZOL Group of companies) developed the project at the request of the Сustomer Bureau of capital construction of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Regional Department of the Customer Bureau of capital construction of the Western military district. The General contractor of the facility is the General Directorate of procurement for military JSC (JSC “GUO”). 

Engineering and geodetic surveys were carried out in June and July 2018 by employees of Special Engineering LLC. The inspection of structures was carried out by The 23rd State marine design Institute. 

“Project documentation and results of engineering surveys meet the requirements of approved design tasks and tactical and technical requirements for the site, current technical regulations, regulatory technical documents and requirements for the content of sections of the project documentation,” the conclusion of the State Expertise of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reads. 

The main reason for the reconstruction of Building 17 of the Southern protection wall (SPW) is its generally poor condition. The granite masonry of the building lost its integrity, and significant sections collapsed into the water. The research showed that crib piers and wooden piles, most of which are more than 200 years old, are not able to bear the load of granite walls. 

Reconstruction site with a total area of 26 446 square meters (within the scope of works) of building 17 is located in the Gulf of Finland. 

The project stipulates the reconstruction of the site with the restoration of the historical look, as well as shore protection of the destroyed section of Building 17, restoration of concrete and granite surfaces of barrier and retaining walls. The construction of new buildings is not stipulated. 

The following works on reconstruction of Building17 will be performed: 

– construction of metal sheet piling; 

– disassembly with marking of elements of granite and rubble masonry, followed by the construction of a reinforced concrete anchored retaining wall with granite blocks facing on a reinforced concrete pile grillage; 

– construction of boat ramp, that is granite stairs on a reinforced concrete pile grillage. 

During reconstruction works, measures are provided to eliminate the harmful impact of all surface and underground water pollution sources, as well as technological and environmental measures to protect soils from contamination on this territory. After the work is completed, landscaping is planned. 

We kindly remind you that earlier the project for reconstruction of Building 17 in Kronstadt received a positive review of the ecological expertise from the Baltic-Arctic interregional Directorate of Rosprirodnadzor, and was approved by the Committee for State Control, Use, and Protection of historical and cultural monuments of Saint Petersburg. 

The Southern protection wall of Kronstadt was built under Peter I and is a monument of Federal significance. The unique hydraulic structure is designed to protect the harbors of Kronstadt from the destructive effects of waves. Building 17 separates the Middle and Merchant harbors from the waters of the Gulf of Finland. It is an artificial island with a length of 670 m, a width of the mainline of 10-15 m with two wide ledges at 55-60 m in the direction of the roadstead. 


GEOIZOL Group of Companies, which is 25 years old in 2020, incorporates enterprises for design (GEOIZOL Project) and construction (GEOIZOL and UM Geoizol, GEOIZOL PGS), as well as Pushkin machine – building plant, LLC, which produces the Russian multi-profile GEOIZOL-MP geotechnical system. GEOIZOL Group of companies specialists have accumulated unique experience in the construction of all types of foundations, road construction, geotechnical and hydrotechnical works, expert inspection, and instrumental diagnostics of structures. 

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