Ivan Bogdanov spoke about the technology of strengthening weak foundations at the construction of highways

Chief designer of the GEOIZOL Project (part of the GEOIZOL Group of Companies) Ivan Bogdanov at the seminar ” Innovations in road activities. Regulatory and technical support of innovations ” presented a report on the unique technology for the Russian market of vibration compaction with the use of columns made of inert materials.

The presentation took place on September 7, 2020, in Sochi as part of the international forum “Innovative technologies and intelligent transport systems in the sphere of road construction.” It was organized by the Avtodor State Company.

The technology presented by Ivan Bogdanov is used to strengthen weak foundations, both in the construction of railways and highways. The chief designer noted that reinforcing crushed stone elements increase the base load-bearing capacity, reduce deformations and stabilization time, eliminate subsidence properties, prevent possible liquefaction and loss of soil strength characteristics during seismic impact.

“The method of compaction with reinforcing crushed stone elements is the most cost-efficient comparing to other methods of strengthening the base, as it requires a minimum set of equipment for performing works and allows the use of local materials such as sand, crushed stone, concrete recycling, etc. Moreover, the budget reduces significantly due to the minimum amount of earthworks, ” commented Ivan Bogdanov.

GEOIZOL Group of Companies specialists have successfully implemented the task of stabilizing weak foundation soils using reinforcing crushed stone elements on such objects as the approaches to the Crimean Bridge, the Central Ring Road in the Moscow region, the Federal Moscow – Saint Petersburg Highway, the A-121 Sortavala Highway, an artificial aggradation area on Krestovsky island in Saint Petersburg, and a number of others.

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