Advanced training in geotechnical engineering

Four employees of the company took the basic course on the latest version of the MIDAS GTS NX software package as part of their advanced professional training.

During the course, the participants studied solving solving geotechnical design problems: calculation of excavation pits, embankments, foundations, and assessment of the impact of new construction on the surrounding buildings. The training was organized by Midas Company.

As the main tool for performing geotechnical calculations, GEOIZOL Project engineers use the PLAXIS software. Learning the new software has expanded the skills of designers. Now they can use an alternative program both to check their geotechnical calculations and to control the quality of design solutions developed by third-party organizations, as part of scientific and technical support.

At the present moment, GEOIZOL Project engineers are actively using these skills in their work.

Also note that the principle of cross-calculations made in alternative programs is used by design engineers. They use SCAD Office and LIRA 10 calculation systems to check the quality of their design decisions.

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