Videoconference in Smolny with the participation of “GEOIZOL Project”

On December 25, the videoconference was held in Smolny with the participation of experts from St. Petersburg and the Chukotka Autonomous District in the field of road construction in the conditions of thawing permafrost. The GEOIZOL Project company was represented by design engineer Yulia Akulova.

At the videoconference, Yulia Akulova presented the technology of crushed stone piles. “The method of strengthening a soft soil base by using crushed stone piles, unlike traditional ones, is in most cases the most economical. This technology can replace concrete and reinforced concrete piles, and also allows you to start further work immediately after the installation of crushed stone piles, without waiting for the concrete hardening of traditional piles. This is especially true for remote locations where delivery of materials is difficult, but local material is present. Thus, the method of strengthening by using crushed stone piles can significantly reduce the estimate due to the minimum amount of earthwork, which is of particular importance for the severe climatic conditions, ”noted Yulia Akulova.

The videoconference was aimed at offering the Petersburg experience and  accumulated competencies that would allow solving the existing problems in the Chukotka Autonomous District.

The company “GEOIZOL Project” received a Commendation letter from the Committee of St. Petersburg for Arctic Affairs for active participation in expert discussions of the problem of stabilization the foundation of the roadbed of highways in the conditions of thawing permafrost.

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