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GEOIZOL Project engineers have tested new modules of LIRA 10, project and computing complex for geotechnical design.

Developers of the design and computing complex LIRA 10 adapt it to solve problems in the field of geotechnical design. Alexey Melentiev, Head of the Geotechnical department of GEOIZOL Project, tested the new modules Installation, Filtration, and Physical Nonlinearity.

A real project, which was in progress at GEOIZOL Project, was taken as the initial data. As part of the adaptation of the historic building for modern use, it was proposed to design an underground parking lot under the courtyard. For this purpose, a pit with a depth of 5.5 m was designed with an open excavation under the protection of the slurry wall with a length of 26 m and a thickness of 800 mm and the construction of one level of struts.

The geotechnical part of the project was calculated in the Plaxis software package. Alexey Melentiev performed a cross-calculation on the LIRA 10 complex using the Installation, Filtration, and Physical Nonlinearity modules.

The results of the calculations showed similar parameters of the additional yielding of the existing building and the stress in the enclosing structure when using the Mora-Coulomb (MC) model in LIRA 10 and Plaxis.

The new modules allow you to use the LIRA 10 in the geotechnical design of temporary and structures of a reduced class of responsibility, to perform the calculation of retaining walls and shallow excavation pits.

As a result of this work, Alexey Melentiev was awarded the certificate of an experienced user of LIRA 10.

For more information on cross-calculation, go to the Publications section.

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