Landslide protection. Cableways A and A1.
Laura Ski and Biathlon Complex.
Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi

The Psekhako slope is characterized by a complex structure of soils. To prevent landslides, it was necessary to construct retaining walls and dowel fields.

As part of the comprehensive engineering protection of the territory in the area of A and A1 cableways of the Laura Ski and Biathlon Complex (SBC), which is part of the Gazprom Mountain and Tourist Center, GEOIZOL Project engineers designed landslide protection measures.

The slope of the Psekhako ridge, where the cableways are located and connect Laura lower station of the Gazprom MTC with the station of the Psekhako Mountain Shelter, has a dissected relief and a complex hydrogeological structure of the soil.


The specific features of the area required engineering protection against landslides of the following objects:

  • Laura lower station  Gazprom MTC;
  • cable car supports;
  • high-voltage cable.

As protective measures, the project provided for the construction of two retaining walls and dowel fields.



Pile retaining walls with anchoring, according to the project, are located up the slope of the lower station and add support to the previously constructed protective structures. The basis of the structures is a single row of bored piles with a diameter of 820 mm, along which a reinforced concrete protecting wall.

The reliability of the structure is achieved by fixing the ground anchors. Above the retaining wall, dowel fields with an anti-erosion coating that holds the soil mass are constructed. Wall-mounted drainage is designed.



Another 20 sections of the dowels ensure the stability of the slopes in the area of the cableway supports and on the axis of the high-voltage cable. Bored piles with a length of 12 to 33 m are spaced at 2×1 m and 2×2 m. As erosion protection, the Mighty Net cable-mesh system was used together with the Encamat erosion-resisting geocomposite and hydroseeding of perennial grasses.

Landslides protection measures are supplemented by a drainage system.



The following was constructed within the framework of the landslide protection project:

  • 280 bored piles with a length of 16-22 m;
  • 3,972 ground dowels with a length of 12-30 m;
  • 17,889 m2 of Mighty Net high-strength cable-mesh system.


Customer: Gazprom sotsinvest, LLC

General designer: ROSENGINEERING Project, Ltd

Designer: GEOIZOL Project, Ltd

Implementation year: 2012

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