Power transmission tower solutions: foundations and engineering protection

Chief Designer of GEOIZOL Project Ivan Bogdanov spoke at the conference “Supporting structures and Foundations for Smart Nets: Design and Construction Innovations”.

Ivan Bogdanov’s report consisted of two parts. In the first, he spoke about the options for arranging the foundations of power transmission towers in difficult geological conditions. The second was devoted to the methods of engineering protection of objects.

When erecting structures in areas with weak and weak water-saturated soils, it is advisable to use vibrocompaction  technology and poles made of inert materials. The so-called crushed stone piles modify the soil mass and significantly increase the bearing capacity of the foundations.

In some cases, it is advisable to lay a pile foundation in the project using the GEOIZOL-PM Multifunctional Geotechnical System (MGTS). The use of bored micropiles is especially important when performing work in confined conditions or in hard-to-reach areas, where only light equipment can work. In addition, MGTS GEOIZOL-PM is widely used in engineering protection of structures.

Read about the experience of constructing foundations and strengthening the foundations of   tower poles for aerial lines in our material.

Ivan Bogdanov paid special attention to the issues of engineering protection of power transmission lines. In his report, he told about main risks that power transmission towers may be exposed to.

Among the dangerous geological processes, landslide processes, creep, erosion, mudflows, rockfalls and snow landslides should be distinguished. In each case, the solution is selected individually, but typical situations can be identified.

For example, if landslide processes develop at the base of a transmission tower, arrangement of pile foundation using the GEOIZOL-PM MGTS is applicable.

When the landslide is above the protected object, it is advisable to use a dowel fastening of the landslide-prone slope. However, in some cases, planning measures with partial pruning of unstable soil mass are sufficient.

The risks of mudflows and rockfalls are reduced by the construction of mesh barriers of various designs. The danger of snow landslides is eliminated by installing snow-retaining structures – special barriers and umbrellas.

However, each case is unique and detailed information is needed to develop specific engineering protection measures. Specialists of the company “GEOIZOL Project” are always ready to help and consult on the protection against dangerous geological phenomena. Contact us and we will find the optimal technical solution for your situation.

The 8th International Research and Development Conference “Supporting structures and Foundations for Smart Nets: Design and Construction Innovations” took place in St. Petersburg on July 6-7, 2021. The International Association of Foundation Contractors (IAF) organized the event.

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