Engineering localization

Modern solutions for protection against mudflows, rockfalls, snow avalanches, erosion and landslides are completely localized in Russia.

The withdrawal of Western suppliers and construction companies from the domestic market will not affect the ability to protect facilities from natural hazards.

The company “GEOIZOL Project” has been specializing in the engineering protection of the territory for more than ten years. Over the years, we have managed to adapt the best world practices in this area to domestic conditions.

With the development of this direction in Russia, specialized enterprises began to appear. Our partners from the company “Geobarrier” organized the production of materials and components used in the manufacture of protective cable-mesh structures.

The company produces a wide range of steel meshes and metal structures. Among them are anti-mudflow, snow-retaining and stone-catching barriers, various types of integumentary systems.

The Pushkin Machine-Building Plant (part of the GEOIZOL group of companies) has organized the production of the GEOIZOL-MP multifunctional geotechnical system, which is widely used for fixing cable-mesh systems.

Moreover, the plant has mastered the manufacture of small-sized mining drilling rigs, which are used in the construction of soil anchors.

The facilities where these technical solutions have been realized are located throughout the country and have been successfully operating for many years.

Russia has all the means for reliable and technologically advanced protection of facilities from natural disasters.

“GEOIZOL Project” – we design safety!

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