The Belarusian delegation was introduced to “crushed stone piles” and MGTS GEOIZOL-MP

A delegation of Belarusian builders, designers and specialized experts visited St. Petersburg on a business visit.

Pavel Alexandrov talks about the possibilities of using MGTS GEOIZOL-MP

Pavel Aleksandrov, Chief Designer of GEOIZOL Project and Yulia Akulova Design Engineer of the 1st category spoke at the conference “Experience of mass construction of housing and development of urban infrastructure in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.” on April 13, 2022.

Yulia Akulova talks about the experience of strengthening the foundation soils with “crushed stone piles”

The topic for the joint report was the experience of using the two technologies on the example of industrial and civil construction projects. Pavel Aleksandrov spoke about the possibilities of using the GEOIZOL-MP multifunctional system (MGTS) for the construction of foundations, and Yulia Akulova spoke about the results of strengthening the foundation soils with “crushed stone piles”. The main guests of the event were Belarusian specialists. The foreign delegation included representatives of Minsk design and construction companies, experts from regional state expertise authorities.

 General photo of the participants of the business meeting

On the second day of the business program, it is planned to conduct technical excursions to the iconic construction sites of St. Petersburg. In particular, Belarusian specialists will go to Pushkin, where they will get acquainted with the progress of the restoration of the Fedorovsky town, which is carried out by the GEOIZOL Group of Companies The Institute for the Development of Foreign Economic Relations IRVEN organized of the international business program.  
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