Major overhaul of the historic embankment. St. Petersburg, Griboyedov Canal, 152

The embankment of the Griboyedov Canal is a monument of federal significance, which imposes special requirements for repair work.


Perform a major overhaul to ensure the sustainability of a hydraulic structure – a cultural heritage site, a section of a granite embankment – while preserving its historical appearance.


Optimization of design solutions in the framework of the development of working documentation, architectural supervision.

One of the difficulties in the implementation of such projects is associated with the requirement to preserve the historical appearance of the object, while observing modern construction standards. For example, the current standards provide for the construction of expansion joints with a certain step. Such norms are not always observed in historical structures.

Another difficulty in the development of working documentation for the major overhaul of the embankment section was the limited amount of initial (historical) technical documentation. To optimize the solutions, additional archival surveys were carried out to determine the design of the site.

In constructive terms, the major overhaul project involved the installation of a corner retaining wall on a pile foundation on the front side of which the granite lining of the embankment was restored.

The work was divided into stages. At the first stage, a temporary enclosing sheeting (cut-off curtain) was made from the side of the channel to organize the construction site.

All blocks of historical masonry were numbered, after which the section of the granite embankment was dismantled.

Then the technological site was filled and bored piles were made. A monolithic grillage is arranged along the top of the piles.

As the blocks were reassembled, a monolithic retaining wall was erected on the back side of the masonry, to which granite blocks were attached using metal ties.

As part of the adjustment and optimization of project documentation, the configuration of the foundation grillage of the embankment was changed, the number of cuts in the granite masonry (expansion joints) was reduced.

The result:

In October 2020, the Committee for State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments (KGIOP) signed acts that officially confirmed the preservation of the historical appearance and structures of the cultural heritage site by the builders.

Customer: St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution “Mostotrest”

General contractor: OOO GEOIZOL

General designer: OOO Otdelproekt

Implementation: 2018-2020

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