2D-Geo system

2D-Geo metal net is used for slope stabilization as a part of mudslide protection measures.

Mudslides are natural disasters that depend on many factors. Application of quality materials can reduce formation of hazardous areas, decrease the risk of developing a mudslide process as well as guarantee safety of infrastructural objects.

2D-Geo system is used for:

  • stabilizing mudslide and erosion processes;
  • protecting against landslips;
  • protecting against rockfalls;
  • stabilizing soil stripped during slope undercutting.

Features of construction

2D-Geo is a high-strength steel net with diamond-shaped meshes that is fixed by means of ground anchors to the slope. The net is stretched and pressed firmly against the slope with special anchor plates. This prevents erosion and fall of the ground surface layer following the shape of the terrain as much as possible.

2D-Geo is usually applied in combination with anti-erosion geosynthetic fabric.

Steel net is supplied in rolls of desired length. During the installation according to the design the rolls are connected by universal steel spirals. Such a feature allows covering big areas with this system.

Advantages of 2D-Geo:

  • possibility to stabilize slopes up to 70-80 degrees of steepness;
  • saving up to 40% of the price in contrast to the solutions using low-strength steel nets;
  • high tear strength up to 155 N•m;
  • lowest negative impact on the environment due to green materials and high technology manufacturing methods;
  • 3D structural model of the system allows accumulating fertile soil level thus grass seeds can germinate freely;
  • aesthetic landscape appearance is preserved due to big size of mesh.
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