Waterproofing is one of the most important constructive issues of each object under construction at every stage of its life cycle. Waterproofing is compulsory for every type of infrastructural objects regardless of structural scheme and materials used:

  • in-situ reinforced concrete;
  • precast concrete;
  • steel;
  • wood;
  • brick.

At present time waterproofing solutions are represented by a wide range of materials and technologies which make it possible to apply these systems in different climate conditions. The diversity of solutions and materials allows finding an optimum solution on issues regarding protecting the structural steel against water and other fluids for each building and/or facility.

Waterproofing solves the following tasks:

  • protecting the building structures and facilities from soaking;
  • preventing the moisture of getting inside the premises;
  • reducing the risk of the water kept in specialized storages entering the environment;
  • increasing the life time of the object and/or its part.

Application of waterproofing according to the construction object types:

  • foundation;
  • substructures;
  • ground building structures;
  • aboveground building structures.

Special types of waterproof materials are used during construction of:

  • artificial lakes;
  • tailings;
  • water tanks;
  • culverts;
  • irrigation networks;
  • water ways;
  • rivers and streams bank protection units.

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