The multifunctional geotechnical system (MGTS) GEOIZOL-MP is a universal system that allows you to assemble and manufacture various geotechnical elements from a limited set of components: soil anchors, soil dowels, anchor bar or root micropiles. The own development of the GEOIZOL Group of Companies is comparable in quality with the best world samples. Produced at the Pushkin Machine-Building Plant from domestic steel grades with higher performance compared to foreign counterparts. The use of MGTS GEOIZOL-MP complies with the requirements of Russian building codes and regulations. Contents Composition of MGTS GEOIZOL-MP Technology of MGTS GEOIZOL-MP mechanism Functionality Tasks to be solved

Slurry wall

Slurry wall technology is a modern and gentle method of substructure constructions which is used in case the depth of foundation is more than 4 meters below ground surface. This technology has proved its efficiency on plenty of underground construction objects, not only in Russia but worldwide. The features of the technology Slurry wall is made by creating a vertical load bearing reinforced concrete retaining walls of substructures. These reinforced concrete retaining walls are made by digging a deep narrow trench which is filled with bentonite. Later bentonite is ejected by thick concrete solution or reinforced elements. There are two


The core of the top-down technology is simultaneous construction of the above ground and underground parts of a building. Application The technology is applied when it is impossible to construct the building by standard methods or there is a risk of loss of loadbearing properties of soil bases located close to the object under construction. That is why the Top-down technology is widely used in big cities with densely built-up areas. The technology allows increasing useful urban areas and their effective usage by building substructures. The design of such a project requires high qualification of the specialists and experience of


Waterproofing is one of the most important constructive issues of each object under construction at every stage of its life cycle. Waterproofing is compulsory for every type of infrastructural objects regardless of structural scheme and materials used: in-situ reinforced concrete; precast concrete; steel; wood; brick. At present time waterproofing solutions are represented by a wide range of materials and technologies which make it possible to apply these systems in different climate conditions. The diversity of solutions and materials allows finding an optimum solution on issues regarding protecting the structural steel against water and other fluids for each building and/or facility.


Geosynthetic systems and materials are applicable in the construction of a wide range of infrastructural objects. There are plenty of options and solutions at the moment. Geosynthetic materials used for building reinforced earth embankments For reinforced earth embankments Geowebs; For dispersive soil; For cohesive soil; Decorative panels made of geosynthetic materials. Geowebs are flat high-endurance webs with different shaped meshes (rectangular more often). They are used to stabilize the ground by means of reinforcement. Geowebs are classified depending on the way of contacting the soil: for dispersive and cohesive soil. Decorative panels made of synthetic materials are used as front

Snow barriers

Snow barriers are one of the most efficient avalanche protection measures. Design features The key requirement for barrier operation is long-lasting resistance to constant static load imposed by heavy snow during the whole snow season. Barriers are designed in avalanche formation areas. They retain snow covering throughout its depth preventing the development of avalanche site and snowslide. Snow barriers are installed across the slope. The height of the barrier should exceed the maximal possible snow height specific for the region. More often the design include a cascade of several rows of barriers in the hazardous area. Snow barriers can be

Rockfall protection barriers

Flexible rockfall barrier system is a modern technology for protection against rockfalls in upland areas. The concept of rockfall barriers is based on the ability to absorb rockfall shock energy. Rock mass breaking off a cliff, falling down from a decent height or moving down a long slope gain a significant speed. The barrier in operation can absorb the movement energy up to 8000 kJ. Rockfall protection barriers reach up to 8 m in height and can act as an addition to existing rockfall protection or a complete substitution. Components: high-strength chained net; load bearing and shock elements; metal supports;

Flexible mudslide barriers

Mudslides are a short-time natural disaster, a torrential stream channel (2-20 m/sec) which consists of mixture of water and solid rocks, mineral grains, trees, etc. Installation of the flexible mudslide barriers reduces the risk of damaging the economic facilities, people’s lives, eliminates formation of mudslides down the valley. The crucial significance for assuring of their performance is quality installation and regular monitoring. Installation of flexible mudslide barriers A flexible mudslide barrier consists of: high-strength barrier (chained net or high-strength rope net); supports/posts and foundations anchored to a slope; load bearing ropes. Mudslide barriers are installed across the channel and may

2D-Geo system

2D-Geo metal net is used for slope stabilization as a part of mudslide protection measures. Mudslides are natural disasters that depend on many factors. Application of quality materials can reduce formation of hazardous areas, decrease the risk of developing a mudslide process as well as guarantee safety of infrastructural objects. 2D-Geo system is used for: stabilizing mudslide and erosion processes; protecting against landslips; protecting against rockfalls; stabilizing soil stripped during slope undercutting. Features of construction 2D-Geo is a high-strength steel net with diamond-shaped meshes that is fixed by means of ground anchors to the slope. The net is stretched and

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